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We believe that knowledge is power. You may want to know more for yourself, a family member or a friend.

Or maybe you're a clinician or researcher exploring the latest techniques in search of better solutions for your patients.

Our goal is to use this site to provide you with the latest information on promising developments in:

  • Facial nerve palsy treatments

  • Peripheral neuropathy treatments in diabetes

  • Implantable electronics for treatment of sleep apnoea

  • Implantable electronics for treatment of spasticity in cerebral palsy

  • Implantable electronics for treatment of spinal cord injury and stroke rehabilitation


For Patients

We are in the process of creating a library of useful references for you to help you to navigate the health system and to fulfil your treatment goals.


For Clinicians

Obtaining up to date information on the latest developments in reconstructive surgery can be challenging. Over time we hope to create a resource that will enable you to find out what are the promising developments and also give you the option to sign up to be kept informed of any relevant new information.