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What many take for granted, some might only dream it possible. We are here to help you explore the best reconstructive plastic surgery treatments available for restoring features affected by disease or deformity. For us, it’s all about offering you the opportunity to live a full and rewarding life.

You will feel welcome, understood and cared for in our clinic. We recognise that seeking medical care can be stressful, so we want to put you at ease every step of the way.

There are always new and advancing techniques for achieving improvements in this field and we can offer you the latest information so that you can make the right decision for your life. With consulting rooms at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Dr Dusseldorp is also part of the exciting network of professionals offering leading edge and compassionate solutions to those dealing with cancer and its effects.

Our Treatment Range

Well known for his work in 3 key areas, Dr Dusseldorp is a compassionate surgeon who applies his skills to the more difficult problems in medicine. In fact, his treatment range is wide and the following is only a summary of how we can help. If you are not sure whether we are the right clinic for you, just reach out to us, because we are here to work with you to find the right pathway so you can move forward in your life. 

Ear Reconstructions

There are a broad range of ear reconstruction techniques available to address 
microtia and atresia, lobule repair and otoplasty. Dr Dusseldorp has been trained in the latest techniques and brings to Australia the skills, experience and connections to offer treatments that have previously been more difficult and costly to access. See some recent cases below.

3D printed ear Lop ear, or cup ear Cartilage framework Microtia

Breast Reconstructions

Dr Dusseldorp believes that breast reconstruction options should be fully explained to all patients at the time they are considering a mastectomy or any form of breast surgery. He works closely with a number of specialists to offer this information.

Find out more.

Nerve disorders

Dr Dusseldorp is excited to offer cutting-edge peripheral nerve surgery techniques. His major interests are facial reanimation following facial palsy and nerve decompression to treat neuralgia resulting from diabetes, trauma and peripheral neuropathy. In many cases, this is the first time these procedures have been offered in Australia, allowing patients to now seek these treatments at home. He is also part of the multidisciplinary team at the Sydney Facial Nerve Clinic.

Dr Dusseldorp is working on a medical device to improve spasticity in cerebral palsy patients. The advances in neuromodulation offer great leaps forward, not only in medical outcomes, but by offering personalised medicine which customises a solution for an individual and puts control back in their hands.

General Plastic Surgery

We offer general adult and paediatric plastic surgery, with a particular emphasis on treatments that restore to patients their capacity to live a full and rewarding life without the stigmata of disease or deformity. This includes reconstructive plastic surgery for skin cancer and facial trauma.

Where we are

Dr Dusseldorp operates at Castlecrag Private Hospital, Strathfield Private Hospital, Hunter’s Hill Private Hospital, St George Private Hospital and Concord Public Hospital (including a fortnightly public clinic). He consults in Mosman and and at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

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Dr Joe Dusseldorp Clinic

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