Variety of ear reconstruction options

There are many different forms of ear reconstruction, each designed to meet a particular need. My recent patient Jess underwent a symmetrisation procedure for a condition known as “lop ear” or “cup ear”. The technique used was a combination of otoplasty techniques and conchal cartilage grafting to recreate the normal curve of the helix. 

On the left below you see Jess has an obvious asymmetry with the left ear cupped or lopped forward, and being more prominent than the right ear. The second photo shows the result after the correction.

Jess otoplasty smiles.JPG

The images below show Jess’ ear before and after the procedure.

Jess otoplasty ears.JPG

Below you can see the procedure as it progresses.

Jess otoplasty operation.JPG

And finally, smiles all round! Jess and her mother were very happy with the results and they wanted to share these photos so others can understand this particular procedure. Whether child or adult, there are a variety of ear reconstruction options to explore so don’t hesitate to reach out to my office to find out more.

Jess otoplasty mirror.JPG

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