Ear Reconstruction

There are many different forms of ear reconstruction techniques, each designed to meet a particular need. Dr Dusseldorp has experience in the management of all types of ear deformities, both congenital and acquired. In fact he is often the surgeon who other facial surgeons will call in when they come across new or particularly delicate auricular challenges.

Dr Joe Dusseldorp spent a year on fellowship in Paris, France in 2014, learning from Dr Françoise Firmin, a pioneer in the field of ear reconstruction. He co-authored a definitive text on the subject entitled “Auricular Reconstruction” with Dr Firmin and Dr Marchac.

He also spent time in 2017 at Mass Eye and Ear in Boston, USA on an international fellowship refining his skills and learning further innovative techniques.

He has a number of published papers on various reconstruction techniques, and he developed the surgical eduction curriculum now used during overseas missions to upskill surgeons in countries such as Vietnam, Haiti, Honduras and Ecuador.

Ear Reconstruction Range


Dr Dusseldorp is proud to offer a range of options to Microtia patients, including custom 3D printed ear implants for the first time in Australia. Find out more.

Keloid Scar

Keloid scars are rare but most commonly occur in ears after a piercing, infection or after surgery. See a recent example.

Cup Ear/Lop Ear

Involving asymmetry of an ear where it is lopped forward and prominent, this condition can be addressed with a combination of treatments such as otoplasty techniques and conchal cartilage grafting to recreate the normal curve of the helix. See a recent example.

Acquired Ear Deformities

Ears that require surgery to correct the affects of disease or trauma will be unique to each patient. A combination of techniques are often used to bring the structure of a patient’s ears back to their natural shape. Dr Dusseldorp will provide detailed information about the best treatments and ensure his patients are comfortable

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