Good News To Kick Off 2019

I am honoured that I have been accepted for a Commonwealth Research Training Program Scholarship to undertake my research as a Sydney University Student. On 7 January I received a letter confirming that I will once again become part of the vibrant student community at my old stamping ground, Sydney University, this time as a PhD Candidate.

My thesis is focused on translating technological advancements to improve outcomes in reconstructive surgery.  Specifically I will focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D printing, tissue engineering, and implantable electronics. It aligns with 2 key aspects of my clinical practice, offering patients progressive nerve treatment and advanced ear reconstructions. My research will also contribute greatly to the development of a novel biomedical device that I am currently pursuing through Syncricity Pty Ltd.

Here’s to another 4-6 years of study and research!

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