Here we go again!

It was a surreal experience yesterday showing up to the new Carslaw Building at Sydney Uni to pick up my student card, completing the enrolment process for my PhD. It is amazing how much the Uni has changed in the 18 years since my first day treading these same paths. The buildings may be different but the excitement in the air is the same. For me it is the opportunity to interface with dedicated academics and thought leaders, to discover something truly revolutionary, to improve the delivery of care in our country, that keeps me coming back to this place. 

Interestingly, I will be back here in a couple of weekends time lecturing to the Anatomy by Dissection Master of Surgery students. Just goes to show, we all have something to teach, and something to learn. 

I also learned that even as a fourth-time round student of this place, I still can’t pull together a decent passport photo! 

uni photo.jpg

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